I’m Mireia.

Serial entrepreneur and former elite synchronized swimmer. I’ve dedicated more than 8 years to the world of sports marketing. Passionate about personal, mental, and professional growth.

My mission is to be your partner in achieving excellence in sports business and personal life. I’m here to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to make a significant impact. Join me on this journey towards holistic success and unparalleled achievement.



My mission is to accompany you in achieving success in life, both professionally and personally, and to built a vibrant community where we share a common lifestyle, values and mindset.


Mireia started competing when she was 7 years old. More than a decade spent training rigorously as a competitive synchronized swimmer gave her discipline, teamwork, and the understanding that success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Leaving the sport left here completely lost, but she discovered her passion for an entrepreneurial, divers life. Rejecting the idea of a 9-to-5 grind, Mireia embarked on a journey filled with ups and downs, self-education, and the pursuit of diverse interests. She also rediscovered her love for sports and well-being, restoring discipline in her life.

Without prior experience, Mireia built her brand. She embraced risk and learned from failures and wins. She connected with like-minded people, learned from them, and made her business thrive. She secured the participation of renowned athletes for CREXANS, gained media recognition during COVID-19 pandemic for helping small business with free online marketing consulting, and had the opportunity to advise various national and U.S.-based companies managing international sports camps. These achievements far exceed her expectations.


Her journey has been marked by tremendous professional growth and, most importantly, personal transformation. While it is far from over, one thing remains clear: success is a multi-faceted concept. True success in life depends on the harmony of these four keys: career, health, mindset, and relationships. And she’s here to accompany you.

Success is a marathon, not a sprint.”


built from 0 various successful brands, including Crexans Sports and Marqués Rigol.

contributed to increase the impact of +15 companies, such as Cooltra, CN. Kallipolis, and Meditic Health.

researched for a PhD. in Sports Marketing & Strategic Communication.

managed elite sports camps for national and U.S.-based companies such as Offlimits NYC & BCN and CE. Panteres Grogues.

coached +8 masters teams to compete at  high level.

been an elite artistic swimmer for +12 years, training alongside Olympic athletes.

won +10 National Championships.

What is a successful life for me?


A successful life, for me, is the harmonious fusion of well-being, physical vitality, continuous mental growth, profound and fulfilling relationships, the nurturing embrace of a supporting community, the unwavering strenghth of a resilient mindset, and the joy of working on something that fulfills you and motivates you daily, all while enjoying financial freedom. It’s the delicate art of balancing and thriving in each of these aspects that defines a life of accomplishment and contentment.

Level up your business and personal life

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More than 8 years dedicated to the world of sports marketing. Consulting, corporate trainings and event management.

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Learn to find the perfect balance to achieve professional and personal success through the 4 keys.


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